Op-eds, policy papers, and other writings

Besser ankommen nach der Flucht, with H. Rapoport, op-ed in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), 2016. [English version: Transforming Exodus into Homecoming]

Asylrecht des Stärkeren, with S. Braun, op-ed in the German daily die tageszeitung (taz), 2016. [English version: Making the Asylum System More Efficient and More Humane]

The EU Needs to Fundamentally Reform Its Asylum Systemwith S. Braun, Baltic Rim Economies, 2017.

20 Solution Proposals for the G20, with many other members from the T20 engagement group, 2017.

30 Years of Schengen: Internal Blessing, External Curse, with E. Ademmer, M. Lücke and T. Stöhr, Kiel Policy Brief No. 88, 2015.

Zuwanderung und Arbeitslosigkeit: Lehren aus der deutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte, with S. Braun, Ökonomenstimme, 2012.

Migration and Development: More Opportunities than Risks, with M. Böhme and R. Thiele, KfW Meinungsforum Entwicklungspolitik No. 8, 2011. [German version: Migration und Entwicklung: Mehr Chancen als Risiken]

Emigration and Skills Shortages in Moldova, with C. Trebesch, background paper for the Moldova Country Economic Memorandum, World Bank, 2009.

International Labor Migration Beyond the Global Recession: Towards Development-Friendly Migration Policies, with A. Arslan, A. Effenberger and M. Lücke, Kiel Policy Brief No. 10, 2009.

Labor Migration and Remittances in Moldova: Is the Boom Over?, with M. Lücke and A. Steinmayr, report for the International Organization for Migration, 2009.

HIV/AIDS and Pro-Poor Growth in sub-Saharan Africa, with T. Barnett, R. Thiele and D. Topouzis, report for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2008.

Tools of Impact Evaluation – A Short Introduction for Practitioners, with J. Lay and R. Thiele, report for GTZ, 2007.

Patterns and Trends of Migration and Remittances in Moldova, with M. Lücke and P. Pinger, report for the International Organization for Migration, 2007.

Orphanhood and Critical Periods in Children’s Human Capital Formation: Long-Run Evidence from North-Western Tanzania, with J. Hagen and N. Trofimenko, Kiel Working Paper No. 1649, 2010.

Explaining Labour Market Inactivity in Migrant-Sending Families: Housework, Hammock, or Higher Education?, with D. Görlich and C. Trebesch, Kiel Working Paper No. 1391, 2007.

The Resource Curse at Work: A Cross-Country Perspective with a Focus on Africa, with J. Lay. In: M. Basedau and A. Mehler (eds.), Resource Politics in sub-Saharan Africa. African Studies Vol. 14. Hamburg, 2005.

Bananas, Oil, and Development: Examining the Resource Curse and Its Transmission Channels by Resource Type, with J. Lay, Kiel Working Paper No. 1218, 2004.